Backround Edit

This area of the warehouse keeps people alive that we don't want to die. An agent is allowed to choose two people to keep. Also past care takers must come here. It is similar to a nursing home. They all have specific reason that will mess up the order of life. They came in contact with artifacts wich turned them into artifacts. The artifacts are listed after.


  • Margaret Thatcher- If she dies women will have no rights.
  • Harriet Tubman- If she dies then all people of african decent will be transformed back into slaves. (Nat Turner's Shawl)
  • Mahandas Ghandi- All war will break out (Zeus's Toga)
  • Marilyn Monroe- All sex appeal will be deleted. ( First Drawn Betty Boop)
  • Etta James- R&B, & Soul will become non existent. (Bessie Smith Obituary)
  • Marie Antoinette- The U.S. will join Britain again. (First Draft of The Constitution)
  • Adolf Hitler- (Is isolated in his room) The Jews will become non existent. (Stalin's Boot)
  • Rasputin- Whoever he touches will live forever. (Leaf From The Tree of Life)
  • Steve Jobb's- What ever computer he touches it will send a world wide virus. (Original hp Floppy Disk)

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