The Warehouse Rules (Feel Free To Add New Rules)Edit

  1. Do Not Touch Anything On The Warehouse Floors
  2. Do Not Go In Viv's, Arties, Or Guyton's Office.
  3. No Cleaning Up Unless You Are Told To.
  4. Do Not Get Trapped On The Dark Side of The Warehouse
  5. NEVER  Ever Ride The Bicycle Built For Two.
  6. Never Harass Or Get Mad At The Artifacts
  7. If You See Bloody Mary's Mirror Run
  8. Do Not Steal Artifacts
  9. Only Talk to One Person That You Really Trust About The Warehouse
  10. Ask Mrs. Frederic about if You can Show Someone The Warehouse.
  11. Have A Tesla & A Farnsworth At All Times
  12. No Pets Allowed
  13. No Flash Photography
  14. You Must See The Warehouse Councillor Once A Month.

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