It houses the most dangerous artifacts In history. If you try to break In death Is iminate. The only people who are allowed to enter are the regents, & also the current caretaker.


  • Hands Of Time- Has the power to control time & space.
  • Chime of Calamity- It will cause earthquakes, explosions, eruptions, & more natural disasters If the wind hits It.
  • Gates From Hell- Effects unknown but If you touch It a pitchfork burn will be marked on you.
  • Alarm Clock- Doomsday device.
  • Bits from Sodom & Gommorrah- It will cause the worlds most sinful cities to burn to the ground.
  • Globe- If spun It will cause the earth to spin out of orbit.
  • Bones from The Trail Of Tears- Malicious effects unknown but loud cries resinate from them.
  • Windows From The World Trade Center- If place In the window of a building It will crumble & building near It will crumble.