These are artifacts that have just been rescued.


  • Carrie's Prom Dress
  • Eartha Kitt's Pearls
  • Charlie Buckett's Piggy Bank
  • Father Time's Pendueleum
  • Mother Natures Walking Stick
  • Tinker Bell's Slipper's
  • Peter Pan's Shadow
  • Vatican Bell
  • Betsy Ross's Sewing Machine
  • The Devils Wings
  • The Devils Halo
  • The Devils Pitchfork
  • John Henry's Sledge Hammer
  • Richard Nixon's Letter Opener
  • A Breath of Life
  • Concrete From The World Trade Center
  • Gene Autry's Lasso
  • Albert Knox's High School Locker
  • Jessica Rabbit's Mirror
  • Rumplestilskin's Gold Thread
  • Jezabell's Linen
  • Blue Suede Shoes

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