This room of storage has artifacts that deal will cults, gangs, & groups of no good. Also it is another vault that is kin to the dark vault.


  • Jim Jones Gold Ring- If worn you will be able to control mass groups of people but if taken off you all will die at the same exact time.
  • Mixaide- Who ever drinks it will be under your spell but they will die from poisoning within a six month period.
  • Swastica Pin- If worn Hitler will be reincarnated in your body.
  • Candles- If lit in a circle you can summon a gateway to hell.
  • K.K.K. Hoods- If worn it will allow you to collect group members of only caucasian decent & go on a ethnic murderous rampage.
  • Upside Down Cross- Effects have been depleated after we used Jesus's Rosary on It which cancels out its effects for good. But we still keep watch on it.
  • Turbin- If worn It will cause you to seek revenge & whoever looks into your eyes will seek out revenge will you.
  • Red Scarf- It will cause mass genocides If worn.
  • Blue Scarf- It will cause mass genocides If worn.
  • Cross From Hotel Rowanda- It will split a country apart & cause them to have a unstoppable war with one another.
  • Black Panther Party Flag- If placed anywhere hanging It will cause all blacks in America to turn on whites.
  • Minutemen Initiation Papers- If read by more than 5 people It will cause all communists to die.

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