This is were sports items and exercising artifacts are kept.


  • Lance Armstong's Helmet- Causes you to lie and cheat to win competitions.
  • Olivia Newton John's Leg Warmers-
  • Secretariat's Saddle- Tames any horse.
  • Tiger Wood's Clubs- Can hit a golf ball over ten miles. Side affect is that you will cheat on your true love.
  • Wayne Gretsky's Signed Hockey Puck- When held lets you get into things without being seen.
  • Black Belt- When worn if anyone looks in your eyes they will drop to the floor being paralyzed.
  • Duke Kahanamoku's Surf Board- Causes giant waves but when you get on it you cant get off until it lets you off.
  • Mike Tyson's Boxing Gloves- If worn and you have touched a person. One touch will put them in acoma.
  • Field Goal- Is a portal to another universe,
  • Soccer Net- Is a capture device. If in it will tangle you up.
  • Basket Ball Net- Lets you never miss a hoop no matter how bad, or faraway you are.
  • Referee Whistle- When blown can cancel out fights, arguments, or wrong actions.
  • Weight Bench- Gets heavier and heavier trying to collapse on user.
  • Fencing Sword- If touched by a human body will make sure it gets longer going through the person skin.
  • Yoga Mat- Clears peoples mind.
  • Wrestling Belt- When worn makes you feel like you are getting beat up.
  • Rope Climb- Endless
  • Tug Of War Rop- Makes you stronger and stronger the harder you pull.
  • Red Byrons Racing Trophie- When held causes your heart to beat as fast as his car motor did.
  • Four Square Ball And Squares- You will not being able to get out of the squares until you have finished the game.
  • Indoor Track- When on track makes you run for a week then lets you off.
  • Javelin- Throughs itself at people.
  • Rock Wall- When on wall makes your mind and senses think you are on Mt. Everest.
  • Ski's- Gives you the feeling of skiing.