This are contains things that contain belong to rioters or have to do with rebellions. Some artifacts here have to do with peaceful strikes like Martin Luther King"s march.


  • Emma Goldman's Black Socks- When worn causes you to yell and riot on anything you can get.
  • Martin Luther King's Neck Tie- When worn even If someone is about to kill you or dramatically screaming at you. You will still remain peaceful.
  • Pitchfork- Belonged to one of the rioters who killed Julius Caesar. When a leader of a country Is failing horribly and It Is near the person It will throw itself at them.
  • Stake From The Nika Riot's- When banged up angainst metal In an untimely fashion and earthquake will start and wont end until It has killed over 3,000 people.
  • Salt From The Salt Riots- It will throw itself at you and It contains acidic compounds.
  • Poll's From The Philadelphia Election Riot- When read causes you to break out In anger If who you voted for does not win.
  • Henry Pelham's Original Drawing Of The Boston Massacre- If brought out into broad daylight It will cause all countries to wage into war. The only way to reverse It Is to tear a little bit of Paul Revere's original plagiarised copy.
  • Paul Revere's Plagiarised Copy Of The Boston Massacre- Reverses the effect of Henry Pelham's original copy.
  • Bell From The Plague Riots- When rung people In a country will start raging In war. Then the bubonic plague will start and will spread until It hits water.
  • Tea Taxing Notice- When In public It will cause the price of all fluids to rise resulting In a arguments.