Chandelier in US Capitol Building

Regular Form


In the early 1800's there was a pyschic named Scarlet Corbeille. A notable person in her ancestry is Nostradomus. She would perform future readings & for some reason the Chandelier would glow while doing it. One once said it was her version of a crystal ball. One day during a seance the chandelier fell & it had glowed. After that the Thrust family disappeared & Madame Corbeille did also it trapped their souls in side of the crystals.


If you stare into the crystals gleam your souls will be absorbed into one of the crystals. Also It can control mass crowds It like Mrs. Corbeille can see the future so it knows your every move. The last time in got to be its max form was The Great Depression.


If It gains enough souls it will be unstoppable also if it hits sunlight it will be unstoppable. The crystals were dug from under the earth's core by Corbeille's husband who died while doing so. The are strung by a very strong silk. Also some say her husbands soul is what turned it into an artifact.


Max Form


Staring into the crystals gleam.

Collected ByEdit

Napoleon Bonaparte

Date CollectedEdit

October 21st 1832

Threat LevelEdit


People ImprisonedEdit

  • Madame Corbeille (39)
  • Stephen Corbeille (Alledged)
  • Cory Thrust (40)
  • Delores Thrust (41)
  • Malcolm Thrust (10)
  • Abagail Thrust (17)

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