This room contains papers & documents from history. Some of the papers are artifacts & some of them are not. It Is located In the back of the warehouse library. Also It has a back room that only contains maps, & atlas's.


  • Decleration of Independence
  • Monroe Doctrine
  • Aronko Volume- Gives you an enlightenment on religion.
  • Document 12-571-3510
  • Hitler's Diaries
  • Horn Papers
  • Killian Document
  • Book of Veles
  • Federalist Papers
  • Mayflower Documents

Map RoomEdit

  • The Warehouse Grid- It Is a system that can locate any person In the world.
  • Christopher Columbus's Map- It will take you to a place that you were not looking for.
  • Early Century Map- If not read correctly It will turn the world flat.
  • Zeno Map-
  • Vinland Map-
  • Magellan's Globe- Any place touched It will teleport you their.
  • Early American Map- If touched by a person of political stature It will cause states to turn back into territories.
  • Louis & Clark's Compass- If you are lost It will show your mind how to escape.