This area keeps artifacts that can not be kept at room tempature, or cannot be placedon something that is not ice. Room Tempature -0*F


  • Frigidaire Refridgerator- If you are inside can preserve your body for an undetermined amount of time without aging.
  • Titanic Iceberg Piece- If placed in a body of water drops the tempature below -100.
  • Preserved Snowflakes- If inhailed it will freeze inhailers body.
  • Frank Zamboni's Zamboni- Turns whatever surface it is placed on into ice.
  • Ice Cubes- When placed in a liquid it will automatically freeze it.
  • Row Of Icicles- Will fall if it picks up heat under them. Then will bring thereself back to the position they were in.

  • Igloo- The outside is very small but the inside is about as big as a mansion.

  • Ice Sculptures- Switches souls with the person that touched them
  • Never Ending Icecream- If eaten will cause you to feel misrable and point out all the wrongs in your life.
  • Popsicles- If eaten will cause your blood to change colors.
  • Snowman- Will kill anything insight by freezing them to death.
  • Pole From A Christmas Story- If flesh has touched it. It will stick unless the part touch was cut off.

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