This sanctuary contains artifacts that are old & decaying & are in need for restoration.

Artifacts Being RestoredEdit

  • The Rosetta Stone- It makes you bilangual.
  • First Steps from The Tower Of Babel- It changes your native tounge when walked on.
  • Myan Axe- If touched it will cause you to go on a sacrificial rampage.
  • Plymouth Rock- If touched in any manner It will cause you to abandon your life & start a new.
  • George Washington's Rotten Teeth- Malicious effects unknown.
  • Mother Goose's Rocking Chair- If sat in It will make everything you see in hear be a nursery rhyme in your head.
  • Black Beard's Peg Leg- It will give you scurvy because of the bacteria left in it. Malicious effects unknown.

Artifacts Being StoredEdit

  • Inca's Lost Gold- Effects unknown
  • Crystal Skulls- If all are not placed in a circle the earth will lose it's balance.
  • Oracle Bones- It gives you ultimate knowledge when set on fire. Note that the bones do not get damaged in the fire.
  • Canopic Jar- If opened your brain & internals organs wil appear ijn it leaving you dead.
  • Methuselah's Key- It will let you live to be 969 but you must be a true christian.
  • Mary Magdalene's Scents & Oils- If smelled It will save your soul causing you to turn into a wholesome christian.
  • David's Stone- If thrown at someone it is a eminent kill.
  • Ark of The Covenant- Immediate death when touched. Other effects unknown.
  • Plato's Sphere's- Effects unknown.